Whistler Resort, Canada, in May

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Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

From this month, I am going to be in charge of “the overseas travel enriching our life” series, six stories in total.


Whistler Resort in western Canada has become more famous as a venue for the Winter Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver.  The location is approximately about 80 miles / 130km north of Vancouver.  You can experience various remarkable experiences throughout the year herein.

Now, shall we go to Whistler in May!


①When the direct flights between Tokyo and Vancouver are fully booked, you can go and transfer in Seattle, United States.

I find an aircraft of Alaska Airlines of which the vertical tail mark is very interesting.

②③Until mid-May, skiing was still possible at the ski slopes beyond the middle of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler Resort.

④⑤A glacier sightseeing tour going by helicopter.  After landing on the glacier, it is lunch.  It is a very extraordinary experience.

⑥Participated in a horseback riding tour, attached western horn saddle.  The rancher’s dog followed us.

⑦We entered the river which had risen due to thaw.  Horses were nervous so as not to take their legs.  Shake ‘n shake!

⑧The doggy could not reach the bottom of the river bed, and desperately pursued demonstrating the dog rush for maximum effect (lower right).

⑨After special plays, then, to the supermarket.  Fresh vegetables and fruits are very delicious.

⑩《IMPORTANT》To all Pokémon Trainers

When you go to Canada or the United States, do not forget to catch Tauros’ (Japanese name: Kentaros) and the others which are available in North America only!

Why do not you try planning a spirit in Whistler during the holiday season in May next year♪


Thank you and see you next time!


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