皆既日食 in チリ

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第一章 プロローグ・・・プレミアム エコノミーの旅


上記の観点より、今回は全フライトで、初めて「プレミアム エコノミー」クラスを選択。

①プレミアム エコノミー

座席の幅:47cm (18.5in)
座席の前後間隔:97cm (38in)


座席の幅:46cm (18.1in)
座席の前後間隔:79cm (31in)

「プレミアム エコノミー」は、「エコノミー」と比べると、肩回り・膝周りに+αの余裕があるのが嬉しい。


第二章 サンティアゴ市内(2019/6/30)
サンティアゴ旧市街の「アルマス広場」(Plaza de Armas)にて。

チリ ペソ($)建ての値段 × 0.6
≒ 円貨換算額




第三章 日食観測地へ移動

⑥パン アメリカン ハイウェイ(Pan-American Highway)
チリ国道5号線(Chile Highway/Ruta 5)が、南北アメリカ大陸を縦断する「パン アメリカン ハイウェイ」の一部となっている。




第四章 素晴らしき皆既日食(2019/7/2)




コンパクト デジカメで撮影






第五章 エピローグ

チリでは、中南米限定の「ヘラクロス」(Heracross)が出現する。野生のものがしょっちゅう出てくるわけではないので、「近くにいるポケモン」の機能を積極的に活用するか、現地のポケモン トレーナーと「交換」でゲットしよう。





Total Eclipse in Chile

Japanese version

Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

We participated in a tour of “Chile, a trip with a total eclipse observation” (seven days and three nights) (June 29 to July 5, 2019). I was really impressed by the wonderful celestial show that will be a lifetime memory!

<<Chapter One>> Prologue / Boarded Premium Economy

The flight time to Chile in South America (Chile) is approximately 12 hours (Boeing 777 aircraft) from Tokyo – Narita (Japan) to Dallas (US), and, in Addition, approximately 8 hours from Dallas to Santiago (Chile) (Boeing 787 aircraft). Furthermore, about 6 hours are required by northbound bus from Santiago to Coquimbo where we stay. Thus, considering not only the long, one and a half day, trip on one way basis but also overcoming both time and climate difference (in winter, Chile!), it is my understanding that physical fitness and condition are extremely important next to life and passport.

From the above-mentioned view, we selected the Premium Economy class for the first time in the entire flight this time.
Let me show the difference from the Economy (in the case of Boeing 787).
Note that the premium of the airfare was around 300,000 yen per person.

①Premium Economy

Seat width:18.5in (47cm)
Seat pitch:38in (97cm)
Priority boarding:Group 4


Seat width:18.1in (46cm)
Seat pitch:31n (79m)
Priority boarding:Group 5 and under

Premium Economy’s wider shoulder and knee rooms are welcome compared to Economy’s. However, it is not the semi Business class, since it is the premium Ecónomy class.


<<Chapter Two>> The City Center of Santiago (June 30, 2019)

③Equestrian police officers
It looks good with European-style cityscapes on Plaza de Armas, in the old town of Santiago.

④Market landscape
1 USD ≒ 680 CLP (Chilean Pesos)

Although Japan is far away, it is the export destination for a large amount of marine products, and Japan and Chile are mutually friendly countries.
In Chile, we often find Mitsubishi and Suzuki passenger cars.

⑤One dish for three?
It is the lunch on the day of arrival in Chile.
This fish dish, but one serving is equivalent to three servings in Japan.


<<Chapter Three>> Move to the Eclipse Observation Site

⑥Pan-American Highway
Chile National Route / Ruta 5 is a part of the “Pan
-American Highway” which runs across the Americas.
As mentioned, it takes about 6 hours from Santiago to Coquimbo of accommodation, three nights from June 30, by northbound bus. Furthermore, it is another 2-hour drive to Cachiyuyo of the eclipse observation site.

⑦The memories of Chilean heater (?)
It is noted that one heater (center of the image) covers the entire flat villa with two bedrooms. Turn the gas plug and rub the match to ignite. There is a gas cylinder in the space behind the heater. At night, as it was near freezing, as well as insufficient heating capacity. I slept with shaking.

Incidentally, the heating in the bus and the restaurants felt very weak.


<<Chapter Four>> Brilliant Total Eclipse (July 2, 2019)

⑧The X Day
On the X day, we left the hotel at 6 o’clock in the early morning and headed for Cachiyuyo.

The observation site is along the highway, a flat ground of the ruined hotel in the back of the restaurant. On the other hand, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, etc. are reared in large numbers. Some of these are the ingredients of the restaurant.
The weather is fine, the best condition for the observation.

⑨Five Minutes to the Total Eclipse!

【Shooting Data by Compact Digital Camera】
⑨~⑪: f/6.3, 1/250 sec., ISO-1600
⑩: Equipped with a filter for eclipse observation

⑩Entering the total Eclipse! (16:39)
The beautiful “Diamond Ring”

The duration of the total eclipse is instantaneously only one and a half minutes.

⑫The sky during the eclipse
Looking up at the sky, you can find the end of the moon’s umbra (shadow) that causes a total eclipse.


<<Chapter Five>> Epilogue

⑬Let’s international exchange with Pokémon
In Chile, it should be noted that you can catch Heracross’s, limited within Central and South America. Wild species do not always come out, so actively use the function of “nearby” or get it by “exchange” with local Pokémon trainers. At the time of the exchange, you will be greatly pleased if you pass Farfetch’d (Kamonegi in Japanese), which is limited to Japan. Other regional limited Pokémon’s, but also Illumise’s and Chatot’s were caught.


Now, special thanks again for the organizers and participants of this tour.

Regards and see you next time♪♪

ブラッコム氷河 大滑降(ウィスラー リゾート、カナダ)

English Version

「人生を豊かにする海外旅行」の特別版として、ウィスラー リゾート(Whistler Resort)のブラッコム氷河(Blackcomb Glacier)をスキーで滑降した体験記をお送りします。

ウィスラー リゾート は、カナダ西部の主要都市、バンクーバーの北、約130kmにあり、2010年の冬季オリンピックの競技会場として、一躍有名になりました。

①早朝、ガイドさんと麓(Whistler Village)(標高675m/2,215ft)で待ち合わせ後、ブラッコム山(Blackcomb Mountain)中腹の中級コース( More Difficult)で足慣らし。

②リフトを乗り継ぎブラッコム山(標高2,440m/8,000ft)の頂上直下の肩部・ここぞブラッコム氷河の入り口(Blackcomb Glacier Entrance)へ。ここから氷河へは崖なので、氷河上部の斜面の足跡に沿って、捲きながら歩き、約100m進む。右下に氷河が続く。






ゲレンデ マップによれば、ここは、
中級コース( More Difficult)

上級コース(◆ Most Difficult)

⑤小さなモレーン(氷河段丘)の上で、シュテム ターンを行ない、反対側に斜滑降する。この方法を数回繰り返す。

⑥氷河の中程にある名所の氷穴(ice cave)を見学した。



⑨氷河が山岳を侵蝕した地形はボウル(椀)と呼ばれる通り、最上部は急斜面だが、中~下部に行くにつれ、徐々に緩くなる。グレイシャー ロード(Glacier Road)(中級コース、 More Difficult)に入ると、圧雪がされており、ホッとする。


標高差は約1,600m(1マイル)にて、我が国の長野県 上高地と、そこから見える穂高岳の頂上までの間の高低差に相当する。

私(自称スキー2級)自身の、今回の「チェック リスト」

□ここに来る前に、未圧雪の急斜面にて、斜滑降・シュテム ターンの練習

□天候・視界が良いこと(ホワイト アウトだと危険)

⑪ウィスラー リゾート は別世界。来年のウィスラー行きが待ち遠しくなる。

ブラッコム山の上部に通じる4人乗り高速リフト「セヴンス ヘヴン エクスプレス」(7th Heaven Express)

リフトに沿って、広大なグリーン ライン(Green Line)(初級コース、 Easiest)がある。

⑫《番外!》ポケモン トレーナーの皆様へ。
当地の「リトル ウィスラー」(Little Whistler)をゴールド ジムにして来ました!


五月の ウィスラー リゾート(カナダ) 第1弾
ウィスラーでスキー!(カナダ) 第2弾

Large Downhill at Blackcomb Glacier(Whistler Resort、Canada)

Japanese Version

Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.
It is the special edition of “The Overseas Travel Enriching our Life” series, my adventure of skiing down at Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler Resort.
The resort is located approximately 80 miles/130 km north of Vancouver, a major city in western Canada, has become famous as a venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Following last year, we went there in February this year.

(1) In the early morning, I met with the mountain guide at base (Whistler Village) (altitude: 2,215ft/675m), and was trained in the intermediate runs ( More Difficult) in the middle of Blackcomb Mountain.

(2) We hiked up by the chairs to the shoulder, just below the summit of Blackcomb Mountain (altitude: 8,000ft/2,440m), and then we reached Blackcomb Glacier Entrance. As it is a cliff from here to the glacier, we traversed along the footsteps on the slope of the upper edge of glacier, and travelled about 110yd. The glacier follows the lower right of the image.

The temperature is around 5°F/-15°C, which means the great powder snow therein!

Look over the shoulder from the traverse route. The glacier continues in the lower right direction.

The place labeled “Route” is Blackcomb Glacier Entrance, where we started to walk to here.

(3) Where the slope to the glacier became loose (still around forty degrees), I wore the equipment and decided to start. Since my skill was not enough to perform schuss boom or parallel turn, I carefully traversed down the slope at low speed.
Fortunately, there were neither frozen areas nor large bumps on the route.

(4) I think it would be impossible to control if fall, because it is an extremely steep slope of uneven deep snow.

According to the mountain atlas, it is an intermediate trail ( More Difficult) or an advanced trail (◆ Most Difficult), nevertheless, continuous tension for me!
Also, as it is the alpine area, the air is thin and my breathing becomes rough!

(5) I worked a stem turn on a small moraine (glacier terrace) and slide down to the other side. Thus, I repeated this method several times.

(6) We visited a prominent ice cave in the middle of the glacier.

(7) The glacier blue gives off a mysterious atmosphere.

(8) According to the guide, the ice cave may collapse suddenly within a few weeks due to the weight of new snow.

(9) Whereas the topographic feature eroded by glacier is called “bowl”, their tops are steep but gradually becoming more easier from the middle to the bottom. After entering Glacier Road(intermediate, More Difficult), I felt relieved that the snow had been groomed.

(10) It is a long run of about 6 mi/11km from Blackcomb Glacier Entrance to the base. I enjoyed the half-day with not only thrills on a steep slope, but also the wonderful extraordinary experiences and the spectacular scenery.

Today’s difference in elevation is about one mile/1,600m, which corresponds to the altitude difference between Kamikochi area and the summit of Mt. Hotaka (Hotaka-dake), seen from there, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The following is the checklist of myself, Lever 4 (maybe), for the glacier downhill:
Preparation in advance
□ practice traverse down and stem turn on ungroomed and steep slope before the tour.
□ to cultivate physical strength and endurance
□ sufficient protection against cold
□ helmet, anti-fog goggle, protector
□ to take out accident insurance

On the day:
□ physical condition must be good; no jetlag left
□ weather and visibility must be good (dangerous if whiteout)

(11) Whistler Resort is another world. I’d be waiting for next year’s trip to Whistler again.

It is a magnificent view from the end point of 7th Heaven Express (altitude: 7,494ft/2,284m), a quad high-speed chair leading to the top area of Blackcomb Mountain.

You can find Green Line(beginner, Easiest) which is extremely wide along the chair.

(12)《EXTRA》To all Pokémon Trainers
I won the first overseas gold gym badge at Little Whistler during the stay.

Why do not you try planning a spirit in Whistler♪
Thank you and see you next time♪♪

Whistler Resort, Canada, in May(Part 1)

Ski in Whistler, Canada(Part 2)


English version


『五月の ウィスラー リゾート』で始まった本シリーズですが、再びのウィスラーで、お開きにしたいと思います。

今回は、カナダ西部にある世界最大級のスノー リゾート、ウィスラー山とブラッコム山から成る「ウィスラー・ブラッコム(Whistler Blackcomb)」をご紹介します。
半年前、前述の拙稿でも記しましたが、当地はバンクーバーの北、約130kmに位置し、2010年 バンクーバー冬季オリンピックの競技会場として、一躍有名になりました。



②まずは、リゾートの麓(標高675m/2,215ft)から、ウィスラー ビレッジ ゴンドラ(Whistler Village Gondola)でウィスラー山(Whistler Mountain)へ。


③ゴンドラ終点からウィスラー山頂を望む。ここから、リフト「ピーク エクスプレス(Peak Express)」に乗り換え、山頂へ。
山頂直下の鞍部(画像中央部・真正面の日陰になっているところ)からの上級コース「ウィスラー ボウル(Whistler Bowl)」は、氷河圏谷にて、滑り出しの傾斜が約45度! 


④山頂から、「ウィスラー ボウル」を避け、上の画像で左斜め下に続く尾根に沿って、初心者コースを降りる。

⑤例の表彰台前まで戻り、ウィスラー山・ブラッコム山の中腹同士を結ぶゴンドラ「ピーク トゥ ピーク(Peak 2 Peak)」でブラッコム山(Blackcomb Mountain)のほうへ移動する。



⑦ゴンドラ終点から、リフト「セブンス ヘブン エクスプレス(7th Heaven Express)」に乗り換え、山頂直下(標高2,284m/7,494ft)へ。



⑨メイン ルートから外れ、中級のバリエーション ルートの「ブラッコム氷河(Blackcomb Glacier)」を滑る。





See you again!

Ski in Whistler, Canada

Japanese version


Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

How time flies and it is the final flight of “The Overseas Travel Enriching our Life” series, of six episodes.

As started with “Whistler Resort in May”, now welcome again the finale at Whistler.

Thus, we are going to introduce “Whistler Blackcomb” consisting of the world’s largest snow resort in the west of Canada, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. Six months ago, as I mentioned in my blog, it is located about 80 miles / 130 km north of Vancouver and became famous as a venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

①From Delta Air Lines, from Narita, via Seattle (U.S.) to Vancouver, after purchasing economy class tickets, we can ask to upgrade to business class spending accumulated miles. By this technique, we can enjoy the extremely comfortable overseas flight with reasonable expenses.

〇Delta’s business class seats of Boeing 767 aircraft, with 1-2-1 configuration

②First, from the foot of the resort (altitude: 2, 215 ft / 675 m), we took Whistler Village Gondola to Whistler Mountain. Near its top station, the Olympic podium is left.

〇The altitude here is 6,069 ft / 1,850 m.

③The view of Whistler summit from gondola’s top station
From here, we change to “Peak Express” chair and then head to the summit. The advanced course “Whistler Bowl” starts from the saddle immediately below the summit (the center of the image, the shaded area), enjoying the about 45 degrees of slope at the glacier valley! In the past, I experienced a horrible fallen n’ slide downwardly for more than 330 ft / 100 m therein. Like a bowl, the sliding out at the edge is steep, however, it gets loose as going to the bottom.

〇The altitude of the summit is 7,160 ft / 2,182 m.

④We get off the beginner course along the ridge, avoiding “Whistler Bowl”, from the top of the mountain, and continues to the left obliquely. See the image ③ again.

⑤We returned to the front of the podium and moved to Blackcomb Mountain by “Peak 2 Peak” gondola, connecting each hill of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain.

⑥We would soon pass the midpoint of the gondola.
We could see Blackcomb Mountain like the folding screen, in front.

〇The altitude of the summit is 8,000 ft / 2,440 m.

⑦We changed from the end of the gondola to “7th Heaven Express” chair and went directly to the shoulder of the mountain. The altitude is 7,494 ft / 2,284 m.
Depending on the ability, you can ski anywhere on this majestic slope.

⑧Traces have been left everywhere.

〇Due to the alpine area in the winter season, such a sunny and great weather comes on few days in a month.

⑨Getting off the standard route, we challenge “Blackcomb Glacier” downhill as a variation route for the intermediates. The entrance seems about 35 degrees. We may turn where it is understood to turn easily, repeat to traverse in a zigzag manner and gets off to the end.

〇The difference in elevation with the foot is about 4,900 ft / 1,500 m.

⑩The information of “the operation of chair / gondola in service / closed” and “snow groomed / not groomed” of main trails on each, are displayed everywhere so that it is very helpful when we select our own course.

〇The left column shows the operation of chair and gondola while the right column shows the snow condition of each trail.

Do you love the Overseas Travel Series?
I truly appreciate your following up this column as well as the articles regarding NetJapan’s products.

See you again!


English version




アメリカの最北、アラスカ州(State of Alaska)の大自然に魅せられ、若い頃から何度も訪問しています。今回は、その非日常体験の想い出の記録です。




行程の一例として、太平洋を横断後、シアトル(Seattle)で、アンカレッジ(Anchorage)行きのアラスカ航空(Alaska Airlines)便に乗り継ぐ。






③アラスカのアンカレッジ郊外にある雄大なアリエスカ スキー場(Alyeska Ski Resort)。









⑤同じくアンカレッジの郊外にて、奥のほうのポーテージ氷河(Portage Glacier)の末端から入り江に落ちた氷の塊の群れ。地球温暖化の影響にて、氷河は、100年間で数百メートル後退したそうだ。







その郊外で、犬ゾリ スタンバイ中のワンコ達。ハスキー犬が多い。



⑧犬ゾリに挑戦! 入門者なので2頭牽きだ。 (レースでは10頭牽き)








フェアバンクスの中心地から北東、約100km先にある「チナ温泉」(Chena Hot Spring Resort)で、華氏零度(摂氏零下18度)以下の極寒の中を約5時間待った後に出現した。



絞り値: f/3.5、露出時間: 1/4秒、ISO速度: ISO-1600





My Memories of Alaska(U.S.A.)

Japanese version


Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.


I am fascinated by the great nature of the America’s northernmost, State of Alaska, and have been visiting many times since I was young.  This is the record of my memories of extraordinary experiences therein.


① Between Japan and Alaska, non-stop scheduled flights are not available as of today.  Then, as an example, we can transfer to the Alaska Airlines’ flight to Anchorage in Seattle after crossing the Pacific Ocean.



② Look down on the desolate ground of Alaska.



③ It is a majestic Alyeska Ski Resort on the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska.  It felt like sliding down towards the freezing bay.



④ The sun is low even around noon because of the area of high latitude and the winter season.  Since there was no night lighting in the past, the time suitable for skiing was from 10:00am to around 2:30pm.  Lift tickets such as “single ticket” and “coupon ticket” did not exist, while the shortest one was “one-day ticket”.



⑤ A group of ice chunks has felt into the cove from the end of Portage Glacier on the outskirts of Anchorage.  Under the influence of global warming, the glacier retreats about 550 yards in recent 100 years.



⑥ The color of the glacier blue is beautiful.



⑦ We flew from Anchorage northward for one hour and reached Fairbanks.  In the suburb, the doggies were on standby for dog sledding.  We found many Huskies.



⑧ The dog sled, that we admired, was challenged!  As the introduction, it was two heads. (Ten heads in the race) I thought that it was easy to run if the relationship of trust was built between the leader dog, out of two, and myself.



⑨ After enjoying the dog sled, we studied the long pipeline, which connects the Pacific side and the Arctic Ocean side via Fairbanks.  When touched it, I could feel the warmth of the flowing oil.



⑩ We were deeply moved by the beautiful northern light!  The show appeared after waiting for about five hours in the extremely cold weather less than zero degrees Fahrenheit (minus eighteen degrees Celsius) at Chena Hot Spring Resort about sixty miles from the city center of Fairbanks.


[Reference] Shooting data
Aperture value: f/3.5

Exposure time: 1/4 sec

ISO speed: ISO 1600
Since the fluctuation of the northern light was worried, the exposure time should be made longer as my understanding.


Why do not you try planning a spirit in Alaska in coming winter♪


Thank you and see you next time, as the final account.

メルセデス ベンツ博物館(ドイツ)

English Version

メルセデス ベンツ博物館(ドイツ)

今回は、ドイツ南西部の国際都市、シュツットガルト(Stuttgart)の、メルセデス ベンツ博物館(Mercedes-Benz Museum)の見学記録です。






③メルセデス ベンツ博物館


④メルセデス ベンツといえば、高級乗用車のイメージが強いが、








⑧770 Pullman Limousine、第二次大戦前の昭和天皇の公用車(1935)


⑨500 SEL、私の好みの一台


⑩500 SL、ダイアナ妃の愛車(1991)



Mercedes-Benz Museum(Germany)

Japanese Version


Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.


This is my tour record of the Mercedes-Benz Museum of Stuttgart, an international city in the southwestern part of Germany.

I think that you can enjoy enough even if you are not a car enthusiast.  It may be necessary for a full day to watch over it.

(1) Between Japan and Germany, I boarded a direct flight operated by Lufthansa German Airlines.  It is now a rare four-engine “Airbus A340” aircraft.

(at Tokyo-Haneda Airport)


(2) When boarding, I took a glimpse of the first class cabin in front of the aircraft.


(3) Mercedes-Benz Museum of Stuttgart


(4) Speaking of Mercedes Benz, it is reminiscent of images of luxury passenger cars, nevertheless, it seems that there was a time when railroad cars were being produced.


(5) It is an old-style double-decker bus. The shape of the stairs rising upstairs is artistic and funny.


(6) It is an old-fashioned sports car ・・・


(7) The arrangement of its pedals are, from the left, Clutch -> Accelerator -> Brake in order!


(8) 770 Pullman Limousine: It is an official car of Japanese Emperor Hirohito in Showa period before World War II, received in 1935.


(9) 500 SEL: One of my favorites.


(10) 500 SL: Princess Diana acquired in 1991.


In Germany there are also museums of Porsche and BMW.  German cars in fact are robust in anyway.  Do you like those cars?


Thank you and see you next time!