A Short Trip in Stuttgart; to Porsche Museum by Deutsche Bahn

Japanese Version

Hi, this is Fe@NJ , who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

Let me introduce a short trip in Stuttgart, Germany.  From the central station by the German Railway, Deutsche Bahn, for ten and several minutes, we visited Porsche Museum next to a famous sports car factory of Porsche

①We can see the landscape that symbolizes Germany as the country of the railroad.


It is noted that the railway system is full of both passengers and freight in Germany.  Many drop-in lines are laid in Mercedes-Benz factory as well.

②The Stuttgart central station is in the basement.


③The passengers seem to be able to accompany doggies.


④The Porsche Museum is located in front of a suburban station.


⑤Although it is a destination display, it does not indicate the next train’s departure time like in Japan, but its waiting time is shown.


⑥The train has just arrived.


⑦From the train, passengers, who look like workers going to facilities of the Porsche etc. and others are getting off.  This is similar to Japanese commuter landscape.


⑧There are three Porsche’s in the air at the entrance of the museum.


Porsche Carrera GT blew out of the world in 2003.


⑩We returned to downtown Stuttgart and enjoyed the Christmas market.


Have a nice trip and happy holidays!