Asking to “SL Ban-etsu Monogatari”

Japanese Version

Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.


  1. A rapid train, “SL Ban-etsu Monogatari“, (abbreviated as “Ban-etsu Monogatari”) serviced between Niitsu, Niigata Prefecture and Aidu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture via Ban-etsu Sai Line, shall be resumed on March 31 this year, after the end of the suspension holidays in winter. It is scheduled to be operated on weekends, as a general rule, until fall.


  1. Features of this train

(1) It is proud of the longest run (approximately 111 km / 69 miles) for one way during the trains powered by steam locomotive (SL) in Japan.


(2) This 7-car train, of which all seats are reserved, has observation cars/rooms at both ends and at the middle.


The Car Layout is as follows:

SL(For Aidu-Wakamatsu, on this side)(Progress direction of outbound travel ↑)

Car no. 1: Observation Car

Car no. 2: Ordinary Car

Car no. 3: Ordinary Car

Car no. 4: Observation Car

Car no. 5: Kiosk and Ordinary Car

Car no. 6: Ordinary Car

Car no. 7: Green Car, extra charged (First Class, 2+1 abreast), with Observation Room for the green car passengers only

SL(For Niitsu, on this side)(Progress direction of inbound travel ↓)


(3) Green Car is especially recommended!  The additional green fee is reasonably priced at 1,670 yen for each way in all sections.


  1. Timetable

Outbound・・・Niitsu Lv 1005 → Aidu-Wakamatsu Ar 1335

Inbound・・・ Aidu-Wakamatsu Lv 1525 → Niitsu Ar 1840

Although it is tight to take a day and round trip in all sections, you could visit at Tsurugajo Castle (national historic site) in Aidu-Wakamatsu, as a quick sightseeing by taxi.

①Ban-etsu Monogatari

②Green Car with Observation Room

③View from Observation Room of Green Car (outbound)

You can enjoy the scenery going away on the outbound route.


⑤View from Observation Room of Green Car (inbound)

Enjoy SL’s movement just in front of you on return.

⑥Green Car


⑧The box lunch is available at Kiosk.

⑨Maintenance scenery of SL at Tsugawa station

⑩Cockpit of SL



The information herein, such as timetable, specification of the train and so on, are current as of March 26, 2018.  They may be modified.


Thank you and have a nice trip in Japan!