Mercedes-Benz Museum(Germany)

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Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.


This is my tour record of the Mercedes-Benz Museum of Stuttgart, an international city in the southwestern part of Germany.

I think that you can enjoy enough even if you are not a car enthusiast.  It may be necessary for a full day to watch over it.

(1) Between Japan and Germany, I boarded a direct flight operated by Lufthansa German Airlines.  It is now a rare four-engine “Airbus A340” aircraft.

(at Tokyo-Haneda Airport)


(2) When boarding, I took a glimpse of the first class cabin in front of the aircraft.


(3) Mercedes-Benz Museum of Stuttgart


(4) Speaking of Mercedes Benz, it is reminiscent of images of luxury passenger cars, nevertheless, it seems that there was a time when railroad cars were being produced.


(5) It is an old-style double-decker bus. The shape of the stairs rising upstairs is artistic and funny.


(6) It is an old-fashioned sports car ・・・


(7) The arrangement of its pedals are, from the left, Clutch -> Accelerator -> Brake in order!


(8) 770 Pullman Limousine: It is an official car of Japanese Emperor Hirohito in Showa period before World War II, received in 1935.


(9) 500 SEL: One of my favorites.


(10) 500 SL: Princess Diana acquired in 1991.


In Germany there are also museums of Porsche and BMW.  German cars in fact are robust in anyway.  Do you like those cars?


Thank you and see you next time!


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