Ski in Whistler, Canada

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Hi, this is Fe@NJ, who has passed Second Grade of Timetable Test in Japan.

How time flies and it is the final flight of “The Overseas Travel Enriching our Life” series, of six episodes.

As started with “Whistler Resort in May”, now welcome again the finale at Whistler.

Thus, we are going to introduce “Whistler Blackcomb” consisting of the world’s largest snow resort in the west of Canada, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. Six months ago, as I mentioned in my blog, it is located about 80 miles / 130 km north of Vancouver and became famous as a venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

①From Delta Air Lines, from Narita, via Seattle (U.S.) to Vancouver, after purchasing economy class tickets, we can ask to upgrade to business class spending accumulated miles. By this technique, we can enjoy the extremely comfortable overseas flight with reasonable expenses.

〇Delta’s business class seats of Boeing 767 aircraft, with 1-2-1 configuration

②First, from the foot of the resort (altitude: 2, 215 ft / 675 m), we took Whistler Village Gondola to Whistler Mountain. Near its top station, the Olympic podium is left.

〇The altitude here is 6,069 ft / 1,850 m.

③The view of Whistler summit from gondola’s top station
From here, we change to “Peak Express” chair and then head to the summit. The advanced course “Whistler Bowl” starts from the saddle immediately below the summit (the center of the image, the shaded area), enjoying the about 45 degrees of slope at the glacier valley! In the past, I experienced a horrible fallen n’ slide downwardly for more than 330 ft / 100 m therein. Like a bowl, the sliding out at the edge is steep, however, it gets loose as going to the bottom.

〇The altitude of the summit is 7,160 ft / 2,182 m.

④We get off the beginner course along the ridge, avoiding “Whistler Bowl”, from the top of the mountain, and continues to the left obliquely. See the image ③ again.

⑤We returned to the front of the podium and moved to Blackcomb Mountain by “Peak 2 Peak” gondola, connecting each hill of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain.

⑥We would soon pass the midpoint of the gondola.
We could see Blackcomb Mountain like the folding screen, in front.

〇The altitude of the summit is 8,000 ft / 2,440 m.

⑦We changed from the end of the gondola to “7th Heaven Express” chair and went directly to the shoulder of the mountain. The altitude is 7,494 ft / 2,284 m.
Depending on the ability, you can ski anywhere on this majestic slope.

⑧Traces have been left everywhere.

〇Due to the alpine area in the winter season, such a sunny and great weather comes on few days in a month.

⑨Getting off the standard route, we challenge “Blackcomb Glacier” downhill as a variation route for the intermediates. The entrance seems about 35 degrees. We may turn where it is understood to turn easily, repeat to traverse in a zigzag manner and gets off to the end.

〇The difference in elevation with the foot is about 4,900 ft / 1,500 m.

⑩The information of “the operation of chair / gondola in service / closed” and “snow groomed / not groomed” of main trails on each, are displayed everywhere so that it is very helpful when we select our own course.

〇The left column shows the operation of chair and gondola while the right column shows the snow condition of each trail.

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